night sea


The world breathes softly in the shimmering moiré of leaves,
clouds dissolving across an afternoon sky.
A hidden tone, revealed in silence,
as we begin to listen.





Based in Northern California, Night Sea is a French-American musical duo exploring the space between ambient, dub and techno since 2016. Their compositional process centers modular synthesis and randomized audio tools as a means to invite the unexpected. They performed live at MUTEK San Francisco in 2018, and, after a couple EPs, they released their first full-length album Still on the Canadian label Silent Season in 2020. Alongside their music work, they are exploring the hypnotic and meditative audiovisual space through creative coding and generative art.

Night Sea is a collaboration between Johan Ismael and David Grunzweig. Johan is an electronic musician, graphics engineer and generative artist who previously released Steps on Art Blocks. David works as an audio algorithm designer and electronic music producer.